Lowkey/Ловкий Russian Underground Artists Exhibition
Lowkey Team together with DorDor Gallery and Amona Fe New Story Theater Group are glad to welcome you at the Lowkey Exhibition - paintings, performances, audio artworks, decorated art zones, 3D installations and AR on paintings - everything to plunge you into the most immersive art communication act
Mar 26, 6:00 PM – Apr 02, 12:00 AM
DorDor Gallery NYC,
45 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, США
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«Lowkey Russian Underground Immersive Exhibition»

Exhibition and Immersive Show

We are the Russian artists that strive to identify our local art code, to let it through us and to find its place in the global world among the local art codes of others. These paintings are the current stage of that positioning process, we are here to share it with you and to receive the feedback from the people that are out of our local context - this would accelerate the progress of our self-identification research therefore we encourage you to express it on the canvas that is specifically dedicated to the feedback. 


In turn we want to facilitate your process of self-identification thus have prepared the immersive show that is inclined to broaden the boundaries of your self-perception and look at yourself from a different perspective. 


Self-identification is the key to healthy growth.

Yours sincerely,

Lowkey Team and Amona Fe New Story Theater Group



Low key in photography is the type of low exposition shooting when one point-light source indicates the object of a photograph that the photographer seeks to fix and highlight to the observer. It is searching the essence and presenting the results of that search - just like our exhibition. 

"Low key kinda hot" - would some of you say looking at the Field of Wonders or Muslin Shores paintings of ours - and we won't judge you for that, "low key" in urban language is a parenthesis to sincere expression of any (even raunchy or irrational) desires and ideas, that people usually tend to keep to themselves - we are underground artists and this kind of expression fits us best, raw and sincere.

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45 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, США

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